Canyonlands: Tales from Narrow Places


This blog currently consists of several technical descent where we had no beta and simply used experience, intuition and topographic maps. There are also several descents  that are results of just a few clues. Several more descents were from information we received from word of mouth from fellow canyoneers. The majority of beta for our canyoneering adventures is from published sources including the book “Arizona: Technical Canyoneering” and “Grand Canyoneering” by Todd Martin, “Canyoneering 2 & 3” by Steve Allen, “Canyoneering Arizona” by Tyler Williams, “Eldorado Ticino” by Luca and Anna Nizzola, “Technical Slot Canyon Guide to the Colorado Plateau“by Michael Kelsey, “Zion: Canyoneering” by Tom Jones, and the websites “Adventure Hikes and Canyoneering in the Southwest” by Christopher Brennen, BluuGnome by Luke Galyan, “ClimbUtah by Shane Burrows,  “Todd’s Desert Hiking Guide” by Todd Martin and Tom’s Utah Canyoneering Guide” by Tom Jones.

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