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A Thanksgiving tradition continued in Parker Canyon

Posted in Southern & Central Arizona by canyoneering on January 4, 2012

Parker Creek Canyon, 3BII
approximately 2 miles
Tonto National Forest- Sierra Ancha Wilderness


It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving in Arizona without a family canyoneering adventure. The Sunday after Thanksgiving my sister Abby, David and David’s dad, Lee, headed to the Sierra Ancha Mountains for a descent of Parker Canyon. It is fun to be able to share canyoneering with our family. It is also the best way to show off what a rugged and beautiful state David and I live in to the east coasters. I was a little worried about the cold when we encountered ice covered pools at the start of the canyon. Fortunately, it was the only ice we saw that day although the water was still frigid despite our multiple layers of neoprene. The canyon was as good as ever with spectacular scenery and just enough challenge to keep things both fun and spicy, even for the noobs.  By far what made the day so special was spending time with my sister.  Walking back to the car along the sun drenched rim with Roosevelt Lake sparkling at our backs, the dark abyss of Parker to one side and the towering Sierra Anchas to the other, was the perfect setting for Abby and I to banter like only sisters can.


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  1. Stephen Schwartz said, on January 8, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    Beautiful as always David/Laura.

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