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The Little Canyoneer – Winter Cabin Canyon

Posted in Northern Arizona & the Mogollon Rim by canyoneering on May 4, 2009
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Winter Cabin Canyon, 3AIII
10.5 miles
Coconino National Forest, tributary of Sycamore Canyon


David had been talking about taking our Boston Terrier canyoneering for months and like any sane person I was against the idea from the beginning. It can be hard enough to concentrate on getting yourself through the canyon let alone making sure our little four-legged baby comes out uninjured as well. After about the millionth time David brought up the subject of taking Briscoe canyoneering I finally relented. One thing I knew would work in Briscoe’s favor is his hiking ability. Briscoe has been hiking and swimming, now all that was left for him to learn was how to rappel…

Briscoe’s first rappel was off the roof of our house during our K9 trial run. David devised a system using a doggie life preserver, lots of reinforced webbing around the life jacket and a carabineer. With Briscoe all secured we were able to rope him up and lower him down the side of our house with out much of a problem. Briscoe was surprisingly calm, maybe he trusts us a little too much.

The canyon we chose to take Briscoe through was Winter Cabin Canyon in the Coconino National Forest west of Flagstaff. Winter Cabin Canyon seemed like a good choice because it was mostly hiking with a couple easy rappels and very little water. In the end, the system David created worked great. Briscoe did not rappel willingly but once he was over the edge he slid right down the rope without incident (well, maybe a little whimpering) and I was at the bottom ready to unhook him.

Would I take our dog canyoneering again? Maybe, but it would have to be the right canyon. Would I recommend anyone else take their beloved pets canyoneering? Probably not. We are lucky, Briscoe is small enough to carry and athletic enough to hike and boulder hop his own way through the canyon.



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